TEMPORARY POST – Samsung Galaxy APPS Crash Fix


This Problem has been resolved by updating Android System WebView and Chrome. You don’t need to follow this steps.

Recently (23/MARCH/2021) some of Samsung Galaxy devices are facing APPs crash when the users try to open their apps on their Samsung Galaxy device. we are going to show you how you can fix Samsung Galaxy APPS Crash by temporarily solution which was addressed by Samsung Support US Twitter Account.

Based on above message for time being for solving Samsung Galaxy Apps Crash issue you can remove updates of Android System WebView. Hence, Go to your Galaxy Settings Then APPs and show System Apps by clicking on three dots on top right side of the screen. Find Android System WebView and remove its update by clicking on three dots on top right corner of screen. Also you can reset your device once and try to open the apps which had problem.

If you need more details for removing updates, watch this video. Also for being update about our posts follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram or YouTube and be in touch with us here.

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