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ASP.Net Core MVC

Differences between AddSingleton, AddTransient & AddScoped – Session 51

In this session of ASP.NET Core MVC Tutorial, we are going to distinguish differences between AddSingleton, AddTransient, and AddScoped in practice, Also we will implement Form Validation for the DropDownList element. We already mentioned the differences between these methods in theory during Session 16. But now, we are going to show you the distinction between them in practice. Moreover, we will present they way that you can implement validation for the DropDownLists.

CRUD Operations in ASP.NET Core MVC with EF Core - Session50
ASP.Net Core MVC

CRUD Operations in Controller and View – Session 50

During this session, we are focusing on the implementation of CRUD operations in Controller and View in our ASP.NET Core MVC Web App. As I have already mentioned in session 48 CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete are four basic operations that should be implemented in each persistent storage application. Also during that session, we developed our CRUD repositories for both static and SQL Server data storage. Hence, now we are developing these operations on the Controllers and Views of our Web App.

Seed Data in Entity Framework Core
ASP.Net Core MVC

Seed Data in Entity Framework Core – Session 49

lso we will show you how you can remove a migration that was already synced with the database. During this session, we implement seeding data with two methods. First, we seed data inside the DB context, and then we use the ModelBuilder extension.