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ASP.Net Core MVC

Creating Form & Form Validation with Tag Helper – Session 44

In this session of ASP.NET Core tutorial we are going to create a form with Tag Helpers, then we are going to validate the create form with Tag Helpers. During previous session we discussed about creating form with Html Helpers, also we introduced several type of Data Annotation for model validation. Moreover, in Session 38 we already discussed about form validation with detail. During this session, we will show you how to create form and validate it with Tag Helpers.

ASP.Net Core MVC

RegularExpression Attribute & Compare Attribute – Session 40

In this session of ASP.NET 5.0 / Core tutorial we will talk about RegularExpression Attribute and Compare Attribute as well. If you are not familiar with Regular Expression in C#, you can find more about it in Document part of Microsoft website which is accessible form here. Also, you can find common and useful regular expression patterns in Regular Expression Library website and use them in your code. Moreover, you can test your selected regular expression to check whether your requirement is meet or not through Rubular web tool.

Range Attribute - Custom Attribute & Custom Validation
ASP.Net Core MVC

Range Attribute, Custom Attribute & Custom Validation – Session 39

Validation in detail. In the continuation of Session 38 we are going to introduce one more validation attribute which is Range attribute. Also, we will show you the way that you can customize the attributes and the way that you can create a custom validation attribute.

Form Validation - Required & StringLength AtributeSession38
ASP.Net Core MVC

Form Validation in ASP.NET Core – Session 38

In this session of ASP.NET Core tutorial we will discuss about Form Validation in ASP.NET Core and will review Required Attribute and StringLength Attribute as well. Also we will talk about one more HTML Helper which handle Validation Error Message and it is ValidationMessageFor. For validating a form we need to modify the controller, Model or ViewModel. Also, we need to modify the View based on the helper that we used there.