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Image Tag Helper & Responsive Menu - Session42
ASP.Net Core MVC

Image Tag Helper & Responsive Menu – Session 42

In this session of ASP.NET Core / 5.0 tutorial we introduce Image Tag Helper and talk about its benefits, also we show you how you can create a Responsive Menu for your web application. In session 37, we use img Html tag in the Detail View, also we created a custom Html Helper that render img tag. In this session we review Tag Helper for img Html tag and show you the way that you can use it.

Form Validation - Required & StringLength AtributeSession38
ASP.Net Core MVC

Form Validation in ASP.NET Core – Session 38

In this session of ASP.NET Core tutorial we will discuss about Form Validation in ASP.NET Core and will review Required Attribute and StringLength Attribute as well. Also we will talk about one more HTML Helper which handle Validation Error Message and it is ValidationMessageFor. For validating a form we need to modify the controller, Model or ViewModel. Also, we need to modify the View based on the helper that we used there.

Custom HTML Helper - Session 37
ASP.Net Core MVC

Custom HTML Helper in ASP.NET Core- Session 37

In this session of ASP.NET Core we will discuss about Custom HTML Helper and we create a Custom HTML Helper and use the created helper inside our Views. Also, we continue our discussion in Session 36 about changing properties format in Edit View. But in this session we use DisplayFormat instead of EditorTemplates for achieving this purpose.

DisplayTemplates EditorTemplates in ASP.NET Core - Session36
ASP.Net Core MVC

DisplayTemplates & EditorTemplates – Session 36

In this session of ASP.NET Core Tutorial we talk about DisplayTemplates and EditorTemplates and customize the Views that we created in session 34 and 35 with DisplayForModel and EditorForModel. As their names imply, DisplayTemplates is for customizing Views that are created by DisplayForModel. Moreover, EditorTemplates is able to customize Views which are implemented by EditorForModel.

EditorForModel HiddenInput - Session 35
ASP.Net Core MVC

EditorForModel & HiddenInput – Session 35

In this session of ASP.NET Core Tutorial we will introduce EditorForModel HTML Helper and also we will talk about HiddenInput attribute. EditorForModel helper helps us to create Edit Form for connected Model to the View. Moreover we can hide properties of the model in Edit Form with HiddenInput attribute.

DisplayTextFor DisplayForModel DataType ScaffoldColumn - Session34
ASP.Net Core MVC

DisplayTextFor, DisplayForModel, DataType & ScaffoldColumn – Session 34

In this session of ASP.NET Core Tutorial, we discuss about DisplayTextFor and DisplayForModel Html Helpres, then we will talk about DataType and ScaffoldColumn attributes. Also, we will show you how to find a record in database or even static list in ASP.NET Core and with this technique we retrieve Method name of PaymentMethod property to be displayed.

DisplayNameFor DisplayFor ActionLink - Session33
ASP.Net Core MVC

DisplayNameFor – DisplayFor – ActionLink & Data Annotation – Session 33

During this session of ASP.NET Core Tutorial (ASP.NET 5.0) we introduce DisplayNameFor, DisplayFor and ActionLink Html Hepler, then we will discuss about Data Annotation. Thus, we create another View with the above mentioned Html Helpers and then we change properties’ label and data format in the view with Data Annotation.

Checkboxfor & ListBoxFor HTML Helper - Session32
ASP.Net Core MVC

CheckBoxFor & ListBoxFor – Session 32

In this session of ASP.NET Core tutorial we modify the form that we implemented during previous sessions and two more features to it with CheckBoxFor and ListBoxFor HTML Helper. As their names imply these two helpers are help us to create Check Box and List Box in our Views. Thus, with help of CheckBoxFor we add this option to the form to make all Text Boxes empty or keep the data after form submission. Also, we enable clients to select more than a Category in the “Create New Cost Record: form with help of ListBoxFor.

BeginForm & RadioButtonFor HTML Helper - Session31
ASP.Net Core MVC

BeginForm and RadioButtonFor – Session 31

and RadioButtonFor. During session 29 and 30 we develop a Form with HTML Helpers and in this session we improve our Form and add more features to it.

HTML Helper in ASPNET Core Part 3 - Session30-min
ASP.Net Core MVC

HTML Helper in Strongly Typed View – Session 30

During this session of ASP.NET 5.0 training we use HTML Helpers in Strongly Typed View. In session 28 and session 29 we created a form with Label, TextBox, DropDownList and TextArea HTML Helper while we have not use Strongly Typed View. Now, We will design another form with another type of these Helpers in a Strongly Typed View.

HTML Helper Part 2 - Session29-min
ASP.Net Core MVC

HTML Helper in ASP.NET Core Part 2- Session 29

about passing Select List Items from Controller to View and DropDownList Html Helper. In Session 28 we explained DropDownList and created its item list inside the View. During this session we will show you the way that you can create the list in the Action Method and passing it to the View.

HTML Helper in ASP.NET Core - Session28
ASP.Net Core MVC

HTML Helper in ASP.NET Core Part 1- Session 28

During this session of ASP.NET Core tutorial we are going to talk about HTML Helpers in ASP.NET Core and MVC and describe its benefits. Generally, HTML Helper is a Class that we can use its method in View Razor Pages and it renders HTML Tag in our Views.