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Session9 Serve Static Files Outside w w w r o o t ASP.NET Core
ASP.Net Core MVC

Serve Static Files Outside wwwroot in ASP.NET Core – Session 9

In this session we show you how ASP.NET Core Web App can serve Static Files outside of wwwroot folder. By default, Static Files should be located in wwwroot folder in ASP.NET Core Web App project which was described in Session 8 of this tutorial series.

Session8-ASp.NET Core Static File
ASP.Net Core MVC

ASP.NET Core Static File- Session 8

In this session we are going to talk about ASP.NET Core Static File and how we can use Static File in our ASP.NET Core Web App project. Generally, we called html, JavaScript, CSS, images files as Static File and by default they should be located in wwwroot folder to be served.