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ASP.Net Core MVC

Differences between AddSingleton, AddTransient & AddScoped – Session 51

In this session of ASP.NET Core MVC Tutorial, we are going to distinguish differences between AddSingleton, AddTransient, and AddScoped in practice, Also we will implement Form Validation for the DropDownList element. We already mentioned the differences between these methods in theory during Session 16. But now, we are going to show you the distinction between them in practice. Moreover, we will present they way that you can implement validation for the DropDownLists.

Environment Tag Helper & Dynamic Library Loading - Session43-min
ASP.Net Core MVC

Environment Tag Helper & Loading Libraries from CDN with Callback – Session 43

During this session, we introduce Environment Tag Helper and will show you how we can load libraries from their CDN with fallback capacity in ASP.NET. IN Session 6, we discussed about environment in ASP.NET in detail and introduced different environments. In this session we call the minified and none minified libraries dynamically in different environments with the mentioned Tag Helper.

Image Tag Helper & Responsive Menu - Session42
ASP.Net Core MVC

Image Tag Helper & Responsive Menu – Session 42

In this session of ASP.NET Core / 5.0 tutorial we introduce Image Tag Helper and talk about its benefits, also we show you how you can create a Responsive Menu for your web application. In session 37, we use img Html tag in the Detail View, also we created a custom Html Helper that render img tag. In this session we review Tag Helper for img Html tag and show you the way that you can use it.

Tag Helpers - Anchor Element - Session 41-min
ASP.Net Core MVC

Tag Helper in Anchor Element – Session 41

In this session of ASP.NET 5.0 / Core we introduce Tag Helpers, also we show you the way that you can use Tag Helpers in Anchor element . Tag Helper are server side component that process in server side and render Html tags. Their functionality are same as Html Helpers. Moreover the most part, Razor markup using Tag Helpers looks like standard HTML and this feature make the job easier for developers. There is several built-in Tag Helper in ASP.NET that we can use in developing our Views and we introduce some of them in this session and upcoming sessions. Furthermore, for using Tag Helpers in Views we should add it there that we discussed about it earlier in Session 23.